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Off Grid Homesteading ~ Tiny House Beautification ~ Huge Haul

Off Grid Homesteading ~ Tiny House Beautification ~ Huge Haul

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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It was raining on and off all day so Chris and I worked in the garden a little bit but I could not record much. Melanie and I hung up paintings in the off grid tiny house, making it look more like a home. And we got a huge small engine haul at a local sale. Read the full blog article here: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/blog/?p=2022

It was raining on and off all day but there was not much quantity so our off grid water storage tanks only got about 50 gallons of water. This is about five days of water for Melanie. Not much at all really.

Chris and I rebuilt the garden gazebo using better lumber and deck screws this time for a stronger hold. I plan to put more boards along the top later on as well for more strength.

Melanie and I hung up prints and paintings inside the off grid tiny house on wheels. Melanie had me put them up where she felt they would best fit. I love the two paintings. I have been holding onto them for many years now waiting for a nice home to hang them in.

Later in the afternoon we all jumped into the truck to visit a huge warehouse sale. They had some super discounts on food which is what drew us in to start.

While we were there we met a friend of ours who wanted to get some leaf blowers they had on clearance. You could get a truck load of leaf blowers and weed trimmers for $20 total. He wanted to build himself a leaf blower that worked so he wanted a bunch of them. He convinced me to go half with him on a truck load so we loaded it up level with the sides of the truck bed.

We got leaf blowers, weed trimmers, electric chain saws and other mixed things both gas and battery operated.

I figure that I can easily get my money back plus some at the scrap yard just for the metal value so there is nothing to lose here. Chris and I will tear these apart and sell the parts online for some extra cash later on.

Back at the homestead I stacked them all neatly on two pallets and covered them to protect them from the elements for now.

Chris has been cleaning up by the wood shop tent on and off as time permits. He is really doing a good job over there. We hope to get the motor home moved back there soon.

We are now eating from our garden already. We have been harvesting rutabaga leaves for our meals recently. These plants have grown up all over the garden from seeds that fell from a plant that I let go last year. The leaves are very tasty and healthy raw or cooked.

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