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Running Out Of Water @ The Off Grid Homestead

Running Out Of Water @ The Off Grid Homestead

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1 year
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We are running out of water at the off grid homestead. It has not rained much at all this year so far and our rain water reserves are running out. We have about 150 gallons of water for the entire homestead.

This water is used for bathing, washing clothes, watering the chickens and the garden. This is not much water at all for all these jobs.

When it rained in the past few weeks there was not enough to even wash off the roof of the off grid tiny house on wheels.

Chris and I are transferring our last reserve tank of rain water from out behind the tiny house into the 275 gallon IBC tote inside the rain water shed.

We are using a HF 12 volt utility water pump to transfer the water from one tank to another.

I have ordered the adapters for the IBC tanks that fit a garden hose. Unfortunately these are coming from China and I did not see that until after I had paid for them. So we are in for a long wait.

When we get the adapters we will connect the large tanks to the off grid tiny house as the main water supply. This will help us greatly because right now we are using a small 20 gallon tank and manually transferring the water into the house tank as needed. This is not convenient at all.

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