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Interview With Off Grid preppernurse1 From YouTube

Interview With Off Grid preppernurse1 From YouTube


1 year
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Melanie and I went to visit a fellow off grid YouTuber named preppernurse1. We had a great time and afterwards Ed gave us a tour of his off grid homestead.

Ed is knows as preppernurse1 on YouTube. He lives off the grid in a large shed which he is converting to a home for his family.

He currently only has 750 watts of solar power but is doubling that right now. He switched his batteries from Trojan T105s to L16 industrial batteries. Melanie and I drove over to pick up the Trojans and have a BBQ with Ed and his family.

preppernurse1 has been building up this property for a few years now. He still has a long way to go but living off the grid and supporting yourself and your family take time. Homesteading is a lot of work.

Ed has some fruit trees, grapes and berries. There are are lot of wild edibles as well. I discovered one of my favorites - garlic mustard.

Ed also showed us his rain water collection system which provides water for his family.

preppernurse1 collects and proudly displays flags from around the World to show that preppers should work together and we are all united in our goals. If you want to send Ed a flag from your country he will be happy to fly it on his homestead.

You can find preppernurse1 here: https://www.youtube.com/user/preppernurse1

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