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Tiny House On Wheels Overview & Update So Far

Tiny House On Wheels Overview & Update So Far

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Here is an overview of the Off Grid Tiny House On Wheels so far, about one year after construction began.

Read the full blog article here: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/blog/?p=1907

The tiny house is located in the woods in Upstate New York and fully off the grid. There are no power lines, water lines or sewage lines to the tiny house on wheels.

I built most of the tiny home myself using recycled materials. Some friends have helped along the way, especially with the framing of my tiny home.

The framing, insulation, floor and roof are the only new materials used in building the tiny house. I wanted it to be durable and able to withstand the storms and gusting winds out here at the off grid homestead so I did not skimp on the framing and roof especially.

The door, windows, sheathing, paneling and most everything else in my tiny home were second hand or recycled materials.

My living room walls were made using old 2x4 lumber that was left in the woods, exposed to the elements for about 10 years before I got it for free. I cut the wood on a table saw to expose the beautiful wood grain and colors you now see on my tiny house walls.

The living room furniture was all second hand and found for free online.

Only the antique Singer sewing machine and the little table I purchased and even they were very cheap.

I made the kitchen counter using scraps of wood from my homemade paneling.

The kitchen sink and 4 burner propane stove are also second hand. Even the bathroom fixtures, sink and faucet were second hand and found for free.

Most of the wood inside my tiny house was from pallets or crates. I have recycled many pallets and shipping crates in order to make the kitchen cabinets, storage, food pantry and even the doors which I will one day make myself.

The bathroom walls are being covered in rough pallet wood as well to give it a rustic sauna type look.

The floor in the tiny house was simply made using underlayment covered in shellac. The shellac has preserved the tiny home floor from wear and from dirt for a year now. It still looks like the day I put it down. This was an experiment to help people who do not have as much money for a nice, fine floor. One day I will put down a pallet wood floor.

The tiny house wood stove keeps the place heated to a comfy 70 - 80 degrees F even in the coldest of winter days. I use about 1.5 cubic feet of wood every 24 hours to heat the tiny home.

The efficiency is due to the radiant foil in the walls as well as the thickness of the walls themselves. I got the radiant foil for free in a trade as well. So even that was second hand.

The upstairs of my tiny house on wheels is not yet finished. It is still a bit of a construction zone but I hope to have it done before Melanie arrives this winter.

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