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An Angel Playing In The Waterfall

An Angel Playing In The Waterfall

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Is this an Angel playing in the waterfall? Or just a figment of our combined imaginations? There was certainly something behind the water and moving around. There is no rock outcropping behind the falls to explain this.

There is a human shaped figure moving around under the waterfall. You can clearly see the shape as it moves around. There is nothing but air behind the water so it is not from a rock.

And it moves around as we watch.

There were also flashing lights that the camera did not pick up. The lights were flashing off the rock walls and the water around the waterfall. For some reason they did not show up on the recording.

I tried to get a view from behind the waterfall to show that there is nothing back there but it was getting too dark.

I have been to these falls many times and never saw anything in there before like this.

The people who were there just minutes before us did not see it either. We showed them the video later and they admitted that they did not see this when they were down there at the falls.

What do you think it was?


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