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Late Garden Harvest & Happy Homestead Cleaning Day

Late Garden Harvest & Happy Homestead Cleaning Day

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Due to a very intensely hot summer and odd weather, I am only now really getting a good garden harvest. I have a nice harvest today from my own organic off grid garden. And I spent a lot of time cleaning up at the off grid homestead.

My garden suffered under an intense sun this summer. The sun was so hot and scorching that even the weeds wilted. The humidity was so bad that even trees and weeds got mildew and mold on them

Only now since it has been cooling off is my garden really starting to thrive and produce a lot of food.

The tomatoes are really growing nicely right now. The summer squash, which is normally dead by early summer, is producing beautiful fruits now. So is my zucchini, which should also be long dead. Fortunately these plants held on to life and are growing nicely now in the cooler weather.

I also have some fine peppers from my garden now.

I have been harvesting herbs as well for later use this winter inside my off grid tiny house on wheels.

I spent some time working on my wood piles this week. I am burning fire wood in the tiny house on wheels because we have low temperatures in the 30s these days. It is cozy and warm in the tiny home now.

I cleaned up most of the leftover garbage from the camper demolition and tiny house construction. I only have a little bit left. Just a tiny little pile of trash left under a tarp. I will be taking this out to the garbage with time.

I cleaned around the truck camper as well. There is nothing left around it but my grill and the tools I am using to clean up the leaves.

I cleaned up in front of and around the tiny house on wheels too. Soon, after the truck camper has sold, there will be nothing but the tiny house and my car out here in the meadow.

I also moved most of the stuff from in front of the old RV.

The place is looking good. I have just the wood I use for my tiny house paneling and a tiny bit of scrap wood to move out of the meadow and I will be done.

The off grid homestead will be clean and ready for Melanie to arrive.

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