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Building A Tiny Chicken House On Wheels Out Of Free Pallets

Building A Tiny Chicken House On Wheels Out Of Free Pallets

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I started to build a simple A frame tiny chicken house on wheels. This is a very simple pallet wood chicken tractor. It is costing me absolutely nothing at all to build. I am using all pallet wood that I already have on hand.

The A frame itself is from a small engine shop. The two main frame halves were lawn mower pallets.

I cut two standard pallets with my sawzall to get the boards from them. These boards make up the floor of my tiny chicken house on wheels.

The chickens have three nesting boxes for the hens to hay eggs. This is also entirely made up of pallet wood.

The upstairs house is divided into two halves. One half will be fully enclosed for winter housing and has the hen nesting boxes. One side of the house will be a door that lifts up for easy egg collecting and cleaning of the chicken coop.

The other half of the house will be roofed over but will be open to the outside air on the end. This will allow the chickens to have access to fresh air but still be protected from the elements on warmer summer nights.

Underneath the chickens will have about a 4 foot wide by 6 foot long runway on the ground for scratching and eating plants.

This chicken tractor will house my tiny Bantam chickens so it is relatively small.

The winter house is smallish in order to hold the heat in for the chickens on the cold winter nights.

The house has natural convection air flow to help cool it off in summer. There are air gaps under the edge of the floor on one side which allows fresh air to enter from the bottom.

How air will escape through the top near the roof and flow outside.

Natural convection process will keep the air flowing in the summer, cooling off the chicken house inside.

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