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Trucker Buck & I Brought Home An Easter Surprise

Trucker Buck & I Brought Home An Easter Surprise

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Trucker Buck and I have a chat in the off grid tiny house on wheels and share an Easter surprise with everyone.

Trucker Buck was over for a few days and we went shopping. Tractor Supply had a super discount on chicks and ducks. This is just in time for Easter. He wanted to take some home to his boy but the minimum limit on sales is at least 6 chicks or ducks at one time.

We bought the last three ducks at only $2 each. The silkies were on sale for only $1 each. This was an amazing deal that we could not refuse.

So we got the six silkies and last three ducks and took them back to the tiny house.

I set up a home for the little birds right away.

We let a couple ducks out to run around the cats. It was funny because ducks are pretty bold and fast and the cats did not know how to react. At times the cats actually ran away from the ducks causing us to laugh.

Sadly we did not catch that on video.

Trucker Buck will be taking a duck and a chicken home to his family for Easter. I am sure his boy will be very happy. We are not so sure about Mom :)

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