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Putting Tar Paper On My Tiny House On Wheels S7

Putting Tar Paper On My Tiny House On Wheels S7

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Friday morning I got another CL haul and in the afternoon John helped me put the tar paper on the tiny house.

In the morning I went off with my truck to get some free oil barrels. These are brand new 55 gallon barrels. Well, nearly new. They were used once. These are perfect for me to haul waste oil which I hope to use to supplement heat in my tiny house on wheels this winter.

I am hoping to have a sort of thermostat controlled heater by using my wood stove and a slow drip oil onto the burning wood in the wood stove. The oil can be controlled by a valve which will be a sort of thermostat control.

I can get waste motor oil free all the time locally. If waste motor oil is heated up and then burnt, it burns perfectly clean with no emissions. This is free, clean energy and good for the environment by reducing waste.

In the afternoon John returned to The Off Grid Project to help finish up the tar paper on my tiny house.

It took us literally all day to finish the job. It was a lot of work due to climbing up on ladders and moving them the whole time in order to reach up onto the walls of my tiny house.

But we got it done, all but one tiny little bit way up on the highest wall. We were both too knocked out by the heat and humidity to carry on. We agreed that going up on the ladders again in our condition was dangerous. It was just so hot and humid.

We will finish in the morning.

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