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Finished Wheel Wells And Planning Tiny Home Kitchen And Bathroom

Finished Wheel Wells And Planning Tiny Home Kitchen And Bathroom

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I finally finished the wheel wells of my tiny home and moved on to some fun stuff - planning the kitchen and bathroom of my tiny house on wheels.

Both wheel wells are now insulated and mounted on the frame of my tiny house trailer. The wheel wells are nicely insulated with rockwool insulation which is a mouse and insect deterrent and is water resistant.

It was wet and rainy outside so I spent some time inside arranging my kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen sink will go under the 36 inch wide window. Under that I will have food storage and pots and pans.

I will have a long counter top and then the propane stove top I got off CL.

The bathroom will be about 5 feet wide by 6 feet long and will extend all the way to the wheel well. The shower and sink will drain out under the wheel well by the wood stove.

The kitchen sink will also drain out through the wheel well and join the drain on the other side of my tiny home and lead into a gray water container which can be used to water the garden and plants. I only use all natural homemade oil and lye soap so this water is safe for the plants.

The toilet will go under the window in the bathroom. The bathtub next to that. Around the corner on the other wall will be the bathroom sink, which I have to trim a bit to make it fit in properly.

Later on the weather cleared up some so I started to pound in some nails into the sheathing of my tiny home. We only fastened each board with a few screws to hold them in place until I could get some nails and finish the job right. I spent a few hours just pounding in nails.

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