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Tiny Home Talk And Treating Chickens For Mites

Tiny Home Talk And Treating Chickens For Mites


1 year
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Looking at my camper frame which will hold my tiny house on wheels, I make some decisions about how the house will be built.

I also treated my chickens for mites again. I went to gather some eggs and the eggs were covered with mites. That means the chickens were too.

I got a mustard type food bottle at the store. This is a bottle with a sort of squirt top. An empty roach killer bottle is also perfect for the job. I filled the bottle with diatomaceous earth and went in to the chicken coop. After tossing some food down for them to eat, it was easy to simply spray a bit of diatomaceous earth on the backs of each one of my chickens. This is harmless to the birds but kills lice and mites.

Even if the birds eat some it will not harm them. Actually if they eat a bit, this is beneficial as well and removes internal parasites.

I gave each of the chickens a good splash of the dia earth and put some more in their favorite bedding and dust bath areas.

I haven been inside a lot recently refining my tiny home plans. I do not have a lot of video for you due to this. But the tiny house on wheels is going to be a reality soon. Building materials are on the way.

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