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RV Renovation With Recycled Camper Parts

RV Renovation With Recycled Camper Parts

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I had to shut off the fridge in the old camper so I can get it out of there for demolition. That means that I had to get the RV fridge running so I can move the food inside.

The problem with the RV fridge is that a tree had fallen on the roof before I got the RV and the fridge vent was totally demolished. Fortunately that is the only thing that got damaged.

I ripped off some of the sheet metal and some wood from the old camper to build myself a frame for a new RV fridge vent. The RV fridge works on propane and has poisonous gasses inside. The RV type refrigerators are always vented to the outside through the roof for safety. Also the hot exhaust from the burning propane exits out the roof. This also sucks in fresh, cooler air through the vents near the bottom of the fridge, improving efficiency of the fridge.

I used some of the aluminum siding from the camper to cover my homemade fridge vent frame and then put it all up on top of the RV. I used a rock and a log to weight it down. I get some powerful wind out here sometimes and need to secure everything very well.

Later during the heat of the day I worked on my web camera idea for a while. I am going to use my netbook as a full time web camera server. There will be a couple full time web cameras running out here so people can watch what is going on at The Off Grid Project at any time of the day or night.

This will double as the ultimate security system as well. If anything ever happens here, all my subs will see it.

Later I opened up some packages that arrived in the mail. IrishKitty1024 sent a box for Baby cat and myself. Baby got a homemade survival collar. This is made of 550 cord just like the popular survival bracelets. Now Baby cat is a true survivor.

I received another package directly from Amazon containing a battery powered bug zapper. There is an extra light bulb and a mosquito attractant inside as well. I did not get your YT name but Thank You very much.

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