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Review Of The J5 Tactical LED Flashlight

Review Of The J5 Tactical LED Flashlight

TR Tech Tactical & Survival

1 year
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You can get the J5 Tactical flashlight at the following links:
From J5 Tactical - Directly http://amzn.to/1O48vD9
Or directly from their website:

I have had the J5 Tactical flashlight for a few months now. My Dad got me on to this in the first place. It comes from the NRA store. In the video I said I bought it there but I remember he is the one who sent it to me. Thanks Dad.

This is one amazing light. The J5 Tactical has a 300 Lumen LED light and it is bright.

This little tactical flashlight is powered by a single 1.5 volt AA battery. This in itself is an amazing feat. Most LED flashlights these days use 3 batteries in order to get the necessary 3 to 4.5 volts to power the LED. But this light has some circuitry inside to allow it to run off a single AA battery. I love this fact itself because it no longer means having an odd battery laying around. AA batteries come in pairs or sets of 4 and when you need 3 batteries for a flashlight then you always have an odd battery left over.

This tactical flashlight has three modes. It has a bright mode, dim mode and a flashing mode.

The bright mode is very bright. You can see a long way in the night with this on the bright setting and the focus zoomed in.

I do not use the low range at all really. It is too dim for my use. The flashing mode is to confuse attackers. You shine it in their face and they cannot really focus on you. This gives you a chance to defend yourself better.

I turned off the lights inside my tiny home to give you an idea how bright this little flashlight is. It lights up the entire 10 foot wall of my living room on the bright setting. You can see every detail in the room. Dim setting is useless I think.

I then took the light outside to really put it to the test. On the bright setting you can see details, even colors out in the night.

When I zoomed the light out to the fullest extent, you can clearly see my workshop camper on the other side of the meadow from me. You can even see the decals on the back of the camper.

This little J5 Tactical flashlight is a conveniently light and easy to grab daily carry. It is perfect for women as well due to its small size and light weight.

The front is cut for defense and jabbing. If you are attacked you can use the flashing mode, jab at the attacker's face and run.

Overall this is my favorite daily carry tactical flashlight now.

I have used a few batteries in it already. I have to make a correction to the video. The manufacturer claims one single hour of use on the bright setting per battery.

What more can I say? I would highly recommend this light to another person.


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