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Still Digging Out My Off Grid Homestead After Heavy Snow & Setting Up Shop

Still Digging Out My Off Grid Homestead After Heavy Snow & Setting Up Shop

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Wednesday was another fine sunny day in Snowy New York. I had to actually take my coat off at one point while working at the off grid homestead

I spent the day widening pathways and walkways for my homestead. I have to use the time in between snow storms to dig everything out.

Most of my things are frozen in place and I cant get them out until the spring thaw. But my generator finally came free so I was able to move it.

I used a shovel and my little snow blower to widen the paths from the generator to my storage tent. The tent will be my bad weather work shop. But I had no heat and no power in there so far.

I was able to get the generator on my little wagon to cart it over to the tent.

There it can provide power for my larger power tools such as the wood planer and my table saw.

I have also been digging out some more fire wood from under the snow. Out behind the tents I have a lot of wood that I cut in spring. I did not think it would be ready to burn so I left it there and figured I would stack it next summer. I had other priorities such as building my house before winter hit. I am happy that I did too.

So now I realize that the wood can be burnt. Its not the best and I have to burn it hot but it heats up the off grid tiny home.

I am splitting and stacking this wood a bit more each day up by the tiny house porch.

Follow my daily progress on the path to self sufficiency on my off grid solar homestead.

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