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OFF GRID Homestead Updates From The Past Week

OFF GRID Homestead Updates From The Past Week

The Do It Yourself World

9 months
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Updates from the past week on the now fully off the grid homestead.

There has been a lot going on during the past week but we did not have the cameras rolling. We have been very busy on the homestead and with family over for the holidays.

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We have been fishing a lot recently to put food on the table. This and our gardening work is part of our path to self sufficiency. We hope to one day become self sufficient. Each year we get a little bit closer to our goal.

I tried to get the truck going and put in the new fuel pump but now it has no spark. This is odd because before it ran when I put gas in the carb.

The car is still down and I am trying to find the leak. I may have to take it to a professional to find the leak.

We are working hard on the garden and greenhouse these days. Melanie is putting in the garden while I work in the greenhouse. I am also planning an aquaponics system this year in the greenhouse. I have a small aquarium for starters.

I have added more solar panels to our household off grid solar power system and plan to keep adding to it until we can run some altcoin mining rigs for free on the solar power.

For now we are providing all of our own power using the sun with over 1,000 watts of solar power connected at this time. In a week or so we should have double that hooked up to the off grid tiny house.

I pulled out the old Toro self propelled lawn mower I had restored a few years ago and it fired right up after about three pulls. That is amazing considering this was sold to me as junk and was seized up when I got it.

I use REC90 fuel in all my small engines these days. This is gas specially designed for small engines and has no alcohol which eats up the hoses and seals. This stuff also stores better and the lawn mower fired right up on last year's gas.

We got a lot of awesome deals during the holiday garage sales. I have a coffee maker which I plan to use in my fully off grid electronics lab along with many other great deals.

The herbs in the greenhouse are coming along nicely now and I plan to put in some more in the coming days.

Melanie has been planting flowers all over the place to beautify our homestead.

We got three small bags of potatoes for free the other day and they are going to seed. So we are going to plant them this year for even more potatoes. We eat a lot of potatoes in this family so we need all that we can get.

We got a home air filter for a couple dollars at a garage sale on the weekend and I bought some furnace filter material to make my own filter cartridges. This saves us $40 each time we replace it. I only spent $5 for a few year's supply of filter material to make the filters myself.

With Michelle crawling all over the place now we removed the 50 year old carpeting in our tiny house. We then sanitized the concrete that was underneath the carpet so Michelle can crawl in safety. We put down foam pads and blankets for her to crawl on as well for cushion and protection.

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