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Homestead Garden Planting And Some Packages Arrived

Homestead Garden Planting And Some Packages Arrived

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1 year
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It has been raining for days now but we finally managed to put in our garden plants between rain storms.

I wanted to plant a week ago but it has been raining for about ten days now pretty much non stop.

Finally we got a break between rain storms and I prepared the garden for planting by measuring out the planting rows.

We are going with a modified square foot garden method again this year. This means that our rows will be 4 feet wide and run the entire length of the garden. Our walkways will be 2 feet in between the rows. This will allow us to walk around the garden and reach into the planting rows from either side.

By eliminating the walkways in between square foot garden beds we gain quite a few feet of planting space and we are still able to reach into the rows with ease to harvest the food.

When I had the stakes in the ground we ended up with five 4 foot wide planting rows with walkways all around.

I then ran string between the stakes to mark them off so we can walk a straight line when planting.

Melanie and I then went out and planted our crops. We put in potatoes, tomatoes and peppers for now. We also put in asparagus plants that we had on hand.

It sure looks good to have plants in the garden.

A fellow YouTuber, shartne, sent me a volt meter to use in my electronics lab. He also works with solar panels and solar power among other things. You can check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/shartne

I received a package from running snail on amazon. This contained a magnetic LED camp light and an emergency multi powered weather radio. You can find them here: http://amzn.to/2qEHOOF

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