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Homestead Cleanup And Moving Workshop Camper Into Place

Homestead Cleanup And Moving Workshop Camper Into Place

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1 year
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I moved all the wood piles of of the way and moved the workshop camper into its final place. Melanie was recycling pallet wood into a beautiful and useful crate for harvesting vegetables.

We are on an off grid homestead with 56 acres of wild land that we are trying to tame and make useful.

Our tiny house on wheels if fully off the grid and we are trying to become self sufficient.

I have a workshop camper which I needed to move into its final place. We have been clearing trees for weeks now in order to make space for our things. Finally it was time to move the workshop.

I first had to move all the cedar lumber that we got on a recent haul. This is 5 or 6 truck loads that Chris and I had brought home. It was brutally hot those days so we just dumped it here quickly.

Now I had to move it all myself because Chris has been sick. I managed to get it all neatly stacked up out of the way on my own though.

Next it was time to move the camper. But the truck I wanted to use is too high for the camper. The rear end of the camper hit the dirt before I got the tongue high enough to go onto the truck hitch. The hitch is rusted in place so we cant use this truck.

My own truck was too low to move the camper and hit a rock last time. But I got the idea of putting the Reese hitch on upside down giving us a raised hitch.

This worked well and we managed to get the workshop camper into its final place.

Melanie in the mean time was building a box out of all recycled materials. Even the screws were recycled I think. She is getting pretty good with the power tools now. She made this box all on her own with no help at all.

This will be her new vegetable harvesting box. She sure has some talents.

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