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Framing Last Wall Of Off Grid Battery & Water Shed

Framing Last Wall Of Off Grid Battery & Water Shed

The Do It Yourself World

11 months
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I finished framing the walls of the off grid solar battery and rain water shed. This will be an insulated shed to keep my solar battery bank and rain water collection tanks from freezing this winter.

It was a tough job because I had to go out to the barn wood pile in the woods and sort through the wood until I found a suitable board for the wall framing. Then keep digging until I found another.

I have 8 semi truck loads of barn wood dumped into piles out in the woods on my property.

This is a jumbled mess of mixed broken and some good wood. I have to sort though it as I work until I get enough usable lumber for a wall.

Then I cut it, pull out nails and put it into place in the wall frame.

It took me an entire day to get one wall done in this manner. But it did not cost me a single cent to frame the entire shed so far.

The last wall was tough for me to frame because I did not have much space to work in between the shed walls and the storage tent nearby. There is a boulder that forms a hump underground in front of the shed so the ground there is very uneven.

So I did the best I could with what I had and framed the wall backwards on the ground.

This meant I had quite a job putting the wall into place. Especially since I did it all alone. But I eventually got the last wall into place for my storage shed.

My framing nailer is such a time saver out here. Nailing boards together with a hammer and nails on uneven ground is hard work and nearly impossible to get the boards square. But with the framing nailer the job goes smooth and easy.

It was dark by the time I got the final wall fastened into place and leveled off.

I hope to get the roof on during the following days so I can connect my water heater and have hot running water in my tiny house on wheels.

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