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Cutting Logs & Cleaning Up In Front Of My Off Grid Tiny Home

Cutting Logs & Cleaning Up In Front Of My Off Grid Tiny Home

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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After cutting all the trees Tim and I had a mess to clean up in front of the off grid tiny home. We had to cut up all the trees into logs and cart away all the brush and branches.

This took most of the day to cut all the trees into the proper sized logs for my wood stove. All the smaller branches and brush went into a huge brush pile that towered over our heads when done.

We got most of the trees processed before we both ran out of steam and Tim had to head back home.

It sure is looking good out here at the off grid homestead now with all the trees cleared out. It opens up the view here in front of the off grid tiny house.

This will also allow more sunlight to reach my rock flower and herb gardens. The two large boulders in front of my tiny home will be surrounded with edible flowers and herbs. Last year my little herb garden did not do so well because not enough sunlight reached the herbs under the trees.

Hopefully this year it will be a different story.

You can find Tim's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/douglasfi2re

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