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Speed dip 330 conibears

Speed dip 330 conibears


9 months
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Applying Speed Dip to a 330 conibear trap. The springs were changed out late fall and were used a couple of times. They show rust already as do the traps which are several years old. Conibear traps for beaver are used only submerged unlike leghold or relaxed cable restraints.
Dipping traps, whether for submerged use or on land has several benefits. It seals the steel from rusting, lubricates the trap mechanism, and camouflages the trap from the targeted animals. On land traps also require dipping in wax in order to keep them from freezing up.
Once dipped the traps must hang outdoors for a week or two in order for the solvent (in this case premium gasoline) to evaporate and the dye to cure. There is no worry with them getting rained on during curing as the dip will have already sealed the steel of the trap.


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