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Winter Homestead Chicks Updates ~ Day At Park ~ Free Cryptocurrency

Winter Homestead Chicks Updates ~ Day At Park ~ Free Cryptocurrency

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Some updates on our off grid chick brooder. Plus we spent some time at a park with Michelle. And something new - we are offering free cryptocurrency to the first 1,000 people on DIY Tube Video site.

Our little chickens are doing quite well in their new home. We have a chicken igloo to protect them from the elements. I took our chicken tractor and insulated that with bags of pine shavings. Then I buried them in snow.

A light inside keeps the chicks warm. Our 800 watts of solar panels can easily power the light for us.

As the snow melts, it is obviously getting warmer outside so we will not need the insulation as much. And the chickens are going to grow fast so they are feathering out too.

The lamp will always be there to ensure they have a warm place to sleep though.

To protect them from predators I put a metal sheet on top of the chicken coop. And a tarp keeps out the cold wind at night.

During the day the chicks are allowed to run outside in an enclosed area for fresh air and sun. They love their outdoor time.

Sunday we took Michelle out to the local park for some fun. It was 57 degrees at home but 10 degrees cooler at the lake. Michelle seemed to like it. I think we are going to spend a lot of time here at this park in the summer.

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