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Very Busy Day At The Off Grid Homestead Going Full Blast

Very Busy Day At The Off Grid Homestead Going Full Blast

The Do It Yourself World

7 months
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It was a full day on the homestead with garden work, lumber mill work, using solar power and more. This is part one of a two part video of today's work.

Our greenhouse is doing very well although nothing else on the homestead is due to the drought. We have not had much rain all season and everything is dying out there on the land.

Our greenhouse is easier to control so the plants in there are doing very well. We have been eating cherry tomatoes all along now from our two plants. Our larger tomatoes are not doing anything yet though. I am not sure. I will give them another shot of fertilizer.

We have been eating herbs from our greenhouse all season. Melanie cooks using herbs straight from our garden.

The off grid aquaponics system is looking good. The fish are alive and healthy and the plants are growing nicely. Only the lettuce looks bad. I think something is eating them. The spring onions are really doing well. These were little stubs that Melanie gave me to plant in the grow bed and now they are quite large.

This is a fully solar powered aquaponics system using only 5 watts continuous from a deep cycle battery. Two 15 watt solar panels ensure the battery is charged at all times.

I lubed up the lumbermill that I got the other day. I oiled all moving parts and worked the bar up and down to its maximum positions to free everything up nicely. The previous owner says it was sitting outside for 50 years but it is in very good shape today. Everything moves freely and there is hardly any rust at all.

The chain is frozen up a bit but I hope to be able to free it up and use it. I cant afford a new chain yet for a couple months so I hope to get this one working for now. I am anxious to try this out and I am going to work the chain until it moves freely again. Maybe I can even use it to make some money to buy a new chain by selling products I make using it.

We are using solar power full blast now in our off grid tiny house. We had two laptops running and a monitor. Plus the fridge and freezer at any given time. And we charge up our small devices as needed. I also had an air filter running to clean the dust out of the air after Melanie moved the furniture around.

I am sprouting a bunch of root vegetables on trays which will then be planted in the greenhouse when they are ready. We dont have any root vegetables in our garden yet this year besides potatoes.

I also set up a tray of more herbs for the greenhouse. I want to plant more densely this year and see how well things grow. I also plan to set up some shelves to grow even more vegetables higher up off the ground.

It was in the 90s today but the humidity was low so it felt good. It actually felt hotter inside at 75 degrees but with high humidity. The humidity is what makes you feel hot around here. Today I was able to work all day with no problem.

I got started on installing my off grid electronics lab and wood shop power inverter. I have a 3500 watt inverter which has not been hooked up since I moved the large batteries to the off grid tiny home. I have not had any power in the wood shop yet this year and want to get some work done.

Stay tuned for part two of the video....


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