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Homestead Life ~ Package Arrived ~ Greenhouse Windows ~ Electronics Lab

Homestead Life ~ Package Arrived ~ Greenhouse Windows ~ Electronics Lab

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8 months
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Working on the off grid homestead today. We had an appointment for little Michelle in the morning so we were gone for a while.

On the way home from our appointment we stopped at Habitat For Humanity and got two awesome windows for the greenhouse for only a dollar each. These will fit the front of the greenhouse perfectly. Its going to look so good when I get them installed.

It was supposed to be raining all day though so I did not get it done yet. Instead I worked in the off grid electronics lab all day.

A huge package arrived containing a large 5 foot long bench. We have no idea who sent this but I immediately put it together and we sat down on it for a brief video chat. Thank You!!!

I installed DC wiring in the off grid electronics shop so I now have power on both sides. Then I ran two LED light strips to improve lighting in there. It was way too dark up till now. I put a separate light switch on each string so I can turn them off and off as needed.

I will run a fuse block in there next so I have everything protected from shorts.

The shop is now very well lit up. I am pleased with the brightness of the LEDs. My work bench was way too dark before and my videos were not clear enough.

I then gutted the entire lab and moved things around. I cleared off the set of drawers and put my Bedini motor on there. Then I put my parts bins on the shelf above my work bench.

Then I had to find a place for my tools so I emptied all the shelves entirely and started to sort things out.

I am almost finished but it was 10 at night and time to go into our off grid tiny home for the night. I will finish the next day.


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