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Homestead Life Greenhouse Roofing Fixing Camper & More

Homestead Life Greenhouse Roofing Fixing Camper & More

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9 months
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We had a very busy day working on the greenhouse roofing, aquaponics, and the camper.

I got a delivery of metal roofing scraps in the early morning and got to work on the greenhouse roof right away. I pieced together parts of the roofing to cover the entire North side of the greenhouse. This will insulate it in winter a lot more.

Next I shoveled sand out of the underground greenhouse we are planning and filtered that out to get the pea gravel. The pea gravel is needed for use in the aquaponics in the greenhouse.

I have a fish tank in the greenhouse and a tub above that. The tub I fitted with a bulkhead fitting and hoses. Then I washed the gravel and put that into the tub.

Dirty fish water will be pumped into the grow bed filled with pea gravel. The plants will filter out the water for the fish. We can eat both.

We also got working on the camper roof. It had some pinhole leaks in the roof, which destroyed the paneling on the ceiling. We got the camper for $30. A can of RV roof repair paint will make it waterproof again. Then all we need are two sheets of paneling and we will have a good camper.

I cut the lawn most of the way with my self propelled push mower. I cant believe that it started up on the first pull. This is the mower I restored a few years ago.

Later Melanie cooked our dinner on an open fire in the campfire pit. She loves cooking outside using natural means.


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