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Homestead Life Greenhouse & Aquaponics Work

Homestead Life Greenhouse & Aquaponics Work

The Do It Yourself World

9 months
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Working on our off grid solar powered aquaponics and our greenhouse.

I set up the aquaponics system the other day. This is a smaller fish tank aquaponics for starters. I plan to build a much larger system later in our underground greenhouse.

I had filtered out some pea gravel from the sand which came out of the hole where I am digging out the underground greenhouse. The pea gravel went into the grow bed.

I had also set up the bulkhead fittings before. Today I set up a small solar powered fountain pump and a battery. I had to splice in the battery and used a larger solar panel. But sadly the fountain pump is too weak for this system so I ordered a larger one. When it arrives, I will finish the system.

I got an old screen door which I fastened to the side of the greenhouse using all recycled materials. I used some old hinges and bolts I got for free last year from various sources.

I was then able to cut out the excess plastic and the chicken wire. Now we have a real, functioning door on our greenhouse. It is so much easier to just walk into our greenhouse rather than duck and step over the wire.

The chicken wire is there to prevent critters from just scratching their way into the greenhouse.

Later we want to put down some pavers around the greenhouse to prevent digging underneath.


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