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Busy Homestead Day Part 2 Inverter Hookup Wood Work And More

Busy Homestead Day Part 2 Inverter Hookup Wood Work And More

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8 months
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Part 2 of our busy homestead day video. We got a lot done on this day so I had to break it up into two parts to get it uploaded. We are off the grid in the country on an 18 acre homestead and our internet is very slow.

I finished wiring up my larger 3500 watt power inverter for the wood shop. I used some old forklift battery cables to ensure that enough amps could pass through the wires.

I made my own connecting cables using crimp on end connectors. A hammer and anvil did the job of crimping the connectors firmly onto the wires.

When I connected the inverter, it turned on happily. Now for the real test. I was concerned that these old batteries could not handle the power needed to run my wood shop tools. They are a bit older and I got them on a discount.

I used a Tacklife 50 foot wire reel to run power from the inverter in the electronics lab over to the off grid wood shop.

Over in the off grid wood shop I connected the power to the table saw. This has the biggest startup surge of anything I have out there. I was really not sure if it would run on those old batteries.

I flipped the switch and it ran though. This is truly exciting. I can now work in the off grid wood shop again.

And I did just that.

I used the band saw to cut a pine burl in half too see what it looks like inside. Then I used the belt sander to rough sand it followed by an electric hand sander.

Inside the burl looks like a mushroom. I will varnish this and sell it. We plan to use the resources on our 18 acres of land to provide most of our needs, both in food and financial.

Inside our off grid tiny home Melanie had made all natural bagels and salmon patties. Boy they were good!!

After dinner we picked another 5 pounds of wild blueberries from our own land. It really feels good to be harvesting food from our own homestead.


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