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Getting The Off Grid Electronics Shop Going After A Cold Winter

Getting The Off Grid Electronics Shop Going After A Cold Winter Public

Do It Yourself Electronics

7 months
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I am opening up the fully off grid electronics lab after a long, cold winter. It got so cold out there this year that bearings and grease were freezing up.

Even the bottle of oil I had for use on bearings turned into a solid. At this point I felt it was best to shut everything down for the winter rather than to risk damage to the bearings on my rotary generator devices.

Now that it is warming up some, I have my Quanta Magnetics Q3 Charge Accelerator going again. And I got the Bedini motor running as well. Both are charging up old batteries from my RV days. I hope to one day restore them all.

The main off grid solar battery bank is doing well though and in float mode. These are charged with 800 watts of solar panels on an adjustable rack outside.

There is still some snow on the ground but it is time to start getting things going again.


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