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Free Human Energy Generator ~ I Am Charging Capacitors

Free Human Energy Generator ~ I Am Charging Capacitors Unlisted

Do It Yourself Electronics

1 year
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By holding a coil of wire I am charging capacitors. It looks like I am a sort of free energy generator. Read full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11459

I was experimenting with the aerial energy collector circuit which you often find on the internet (see article) and oddly found out that I was actually charging the capacitors myself.

When I set the coil of wire acting as the antenna on a shelf not much happens at all. But when I hold the wire in my hand the capacitors start to charge up. The longer I hold the wire, the stronger the charge.

The voltage in the capacitors continues to rise as I hold the wire. I figure it will charge up to the capacitor rated voltage if I hold the wire long enough.

The circuit must be connected to an earth ground to work though. When I remove the ground, the voltage dissipates. When I connect the ground the voltage starts to rise again.

If I set the wire down, the voltage dissipates again. But when I pick up the wire the voltage starts to rise.

If I stand up straight the voltage rises faster. But if I bend down the voltage gain slows down noticeably.

I am not sure where the energy is coming from. It could be radio energy being absorbed by myself and collected by the capacitors. It could be radiant energy, cosmic waves or even my own energy being collected.


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