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Earth Battery Free Energy From The Earth ~ Simple Experiment

Earth Battery Free Energy From The Earth ~ Simple Experiment

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1 year
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This is a very simple experiment that anyone can do at home. You can get energy from the earth using two different metals shoved into the ground. Read full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11458

It has long been known that when you place two different metals into the ground you can get a potential difference (voltage).

Way back during the telegraph days they discovered that the telegraph lines ran long after the batteries had died down. The energy must have been coming from somewhere. It was the earth itself providing the energy.

For this experiment I used a common steel nail and a piece of single strand copper wire. You can get the thick wire from a piece of household electrical line or a ground wire like I have. I just cut a piece off a roll of ground wire.

I have three nails and three pieces of copper stuck into the ground at various distances to see what worked best.

I found that the higher voltage comes with the nail and wire closer together.

There is rumor that a North and South orientation makes a difference as well but I have not yet really experimented with this idea.

I get about 0.45 volts on average using a simple nail and a piece of wire.

Now you can also set up earth batteries in series using separate containers to get a higher voltage.

I am later going to experiment using soup cans filled with dirt and using a copper wire in the middle. I can string these up in series to increase the total voltage. To increase the current you can connect them in parallel.

You cannot connect the earth batteries in series in the ground because it shorts them out with one another. This is why you need separate containers.

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